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Connecting an OLED SSD1306 Screen to Arduino

by Andre | October 7th, 2015 | Comments | Share

Tags : arduino electronics ssd1306

I received an OLED Screen in the mail, that works with an Arduiono. When I wanted to connect it to the Arduino, I found it had different pin markings to the normal one usually sold. It turns out they are similar. After some trial and error I got the standard demo Hello World to work. This is how it is done!

All the documentation on the web shows a different pin numbers. The one I have, has the following pins: GND, VCC, CLK, MOSI, DC, CS. The connection is as follows:

Arduino UNO OLED Screen
3.3V VCC
Pin 13 CLK
Pin 11 MOSI
Pin 9 DC
Pin 10 CS


Here are the steps to get the screen to work:

  1. Connect the screen to the Arduino using the pin configuration above.
  2. Download the u8glib software. The latest version is available on GitHub.
  3. Create a folder called U8glib in your Arduino library folder C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\U8glib
  4. Copy the scr folder from the ZIP file into the U8glib folder.
  5. In the Arduino software, open the Hello World example code File / Examples / U8glib / HelloWorld
  6. Select the screen you are using and uncomment out the configuration line (Line 87).
  7. Compile and run the code. The screen should light up and the words "Hello World" should appear.


The Arduino code can be Downloaded Here (Version 1.18.1) or view the latest version on GitHub Here

The Datasheet can be downloaded Here




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