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An Old Post: Classic ASP and reCAPTCHA

June 12th, 2013 | Comments | Share

Tags : classic asp programming recaptcha

Here is a copy of a post I did on Classic ASP and reCAPTCHA, posted on the 2nd April 2008!

An Old Post: Classic ASP and reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA Classic ASP Implementation

Recently had to work with a new CAPTCHA program called reCAPTCHA. It was fairly easy to implement with Classic ASP code but had some problems figuring out some parts of it.

First off what is CAPTCHA? It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA is basically an image of letters and numbers that is randomly generated. The image makes it difficult for spam bots to read. So they can be used as a way to verify if a computer is submitting a form on a website or an actual person. So we can eliminate all of that pesky spam!

The reCAPTCHA software is free to use and also helps digitize books when it is being used. Check out their site for more information on that.

I needed to implement this software on a site that runs Classic ASP.

Download the example.

The example worked great I just had to insert the code into my pages and I was off and running in no time. However on a few of the pages I was running them in SSL which when using the reCAPTCHA software on those page brought up some secure errors. Through searching around the internet and trying various things I found out that reCAPTCHA has a secure server to send to so you will no longer get the security errors. That URL is

Here is an example of where you need to put it in your code.

function recaptcha_challenge_writer(publickey)
recaptcha_challenge_writer = "<script type=""text/javascript"">" & _
"var RecaptchaOptions = {" & _
" theme : 'white'," & _
" tabindex : 0" & _
"};" & _
"</script>" & _
"<script type=""text/javascript"" src=""" & publickey & """></script>" & _
"<noscript>" & _
"<iframe src=""" & publickey & """ frameborder=""1""></iframe><br>" & _
"<textarea name=""recaptcha_challenge_field"" rows=""3"" cols=""40""></textarea>" & _
"<input type=""hidden"" name=""recaptcha_response_field"" value=""manual_challenge"">" & _
end function


Posted by Andre Bruton at 10:02 AM




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